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EquationsPro an extensive array of engineering tools, solve, inform, interpert engineering problems/ equations. Saves time in solving problems, performing equation calculations (i.e. electrical, physics, heat, area, volumes etc), obtaining mathematical/ scientific data. Includes unit conversions, periodic table, 3000+ data chemical compounds/ elements/ steam tables etc, graphing program, media player interface, bulit -in web browser and more. Improve productivity, easy to use, all the data information in one app. For engineering, scientific professionals, students etc . EquationsPro is a slimmed down version of ChemMaths




Review by uptodown
EquationsPro is an essential utility for all those who work in the field of mathematics since it will offer its users a series of tools that will greatly facilitate virtually all mathematical processes in which any type of equation is used. The interface of EquationsPro is very simple and so intuitive that it will not take more than five seconds to find what we are looking for. Their menus are divided into six sections that will contain unit converters, which we can customize with complete freedom if the unit we are looking for is not registered, up to automatic algebraic resolution tools, as well as basic information on a large number of elements of the periodic table or sheets full of mathematical formulas organized according to the field to which they belong. With EquationsPro we can also generate complete graphics automatically using the information we have entered to solve the various problems and also a full web browser from which we can consult any type of information without the need to exit the program. EquationsPro is the ultimate mathematical tool for both students and teachers and will become a turning point for all those who give it a chance.