Windows,Android apps for Engineers/ Students / Educational / Sports / Health personnel etc.

For support,information,notification on any issues found for any of the products,

Contact : Walter

Please provide enough detail i.e. product, issue i.e. installation etc, details of your system i.e. windows 8.1, Android 7.0 etc. Also add any screen shots to the email. Further tips, support, installation below :-

Windows installation guide (All the windows software install the same way):-

Download/View pdf : install_pdf

Video : install_utube

Possible Installation issues :-

Must have Administration rights.

Incorrect .Net Framework installed. (4.+ required)

Incorrect Windows version.

Not enough disk space to install.

For media player Windows media player must be installed. To play majority of media formats media codecs should be installed.


For recalculation change a input value.

For numbers such as 5x10^-5 enter 5e-5

Periodic table hover or click over a element to display the popup with all propertities.

Graphs hover over menu items to display further menu choices.i.e. graph types.


Android :-

The apk installer will install the app. Apps should with min version 4.01+.


Software updates are free for any purchased user of the products. If you have any problems,requiremenst i.e. calculation errors, adjustments, please email myself Walter and provide as much detail as possible.