Windows,Android apps for Engineers/ Students / Educational / Sports / Health personnel etc.

Chemical/Engineering/General tools for Students/Educators/Professionals.3000+ chemical compound database, 300+ unit conversions. Information charts, sci-calculator, solve 300+ physics, electrical, mechancial, engineering etc equations, chart 2D/3D graphs ........

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Contains all features of EquationsPro, DataPro, ChemPlayer, ProSimGraphs, ChemPlayer, UnitsPro.

Contains numerous engineering tools to improve your work life, 3000+ data chemical compounds/elements/steam tables etc, mathematical, general scientific information. Solves hundreds of equations (i.e. electrical, physics, heat, area, volumes etc), periodic table, graphs package.

Customizeable screen, picture sizes, structure, font,colours.

Media Player interface, bulit-in Web Browser : Play music , videos, rip CD's, burn CD's, etc

Standard/Scientific Calculator, contains 20 + si-constants.

250+ unit conversions Imperial<->Si, from multiple categories, add user defined units as well. Read below for further features.

And much more. features_pdf, review below:

Review by uptodown
A set of tools essential for any engineer ChemMaths is the ultimate tool for any engineer, regardless of which branch is specialized, since it contains all the tools necessary to perform any calculation, either basic or complex or any graphical representation, as well as online and offline queries Connection on the more than four thousand chemical compounds, elements of the Periodic Table, vapor table data, acid and base dissociation constant and gas and general liquid data among many other things. Perfect for both students and teachers, either for consultation or as a teaching tool ChemMaths is an application that you will be grateful to have on hand. In ChemMaths also you will find utilities that will help you to realize conversions of values ??in more than three hundred units, as well as the option to add your own ones if you miss some. Become an expert engineer and have all the information you may need throughout your career as a student and researcher with ChemMaths, a tool as complete as it is easy to use.