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CDRom Burning

Burn files to CDRom/DVD drive. Select/drag files from Burn Window List View or explorer. Select CDRom/DVD, enter label name,then press the Start Burn button. Files will be burned to disc. Media files burned to folder according to type i.e. videos to the video folder, music to the music folder, general files to the other folder. Settings from Windows Media Player

Menu Options :-

Select a drive :- Select the burning drive from the drive list box.

~ opens/closes the cdrom drive.

~ opens windows explorer.

~ select all files to be burnt that are in the burn window.

~ remove the unchecked files from the burn window.

~ check the amount of size of the files current in the burn window.

~ Commence burning the files to a blank disc..

~ stops the burn process.

~ erases a RW disc.