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Convert a Unit :-

This is the default menu selection for the program. The Convert a Unit can be obtain from the menu Functions > Convert a Unit or from directly selecting the Convert a Unit from the menu bar. Allows the user to select a unit group, its coresponding unit conversion to calculate a new conversion of an entered value.

Method of use :- Select a "unit conversion group" from the "Select a unit conversion group" list box. Select a unit conversion from the "Select a unit conversion" list box. (Note the unit conversion value is displayed in the "Unit Conversion Value" label. Unit conversion griups, conversion values can be altered via the Add/Edit menu option.) Enter a value to convert into the "Enter a value to convert" text box. Click the "Calculate" button. The calculated result will be displayed where the "Result=" label is. (Note the calculated result is the (unit conversion value) x (enter a value to convert)) Click the checkbox "enables calculations to be preformed by division..." to enable the calculated result to use divsion rather then the defualt multiplication i.e. (enter a value to convert) / (unit conversion value)