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Displays,calculates chemical/physical properties of 481 chemical compounds.

surface tension screen

Method of Operation :

Select the required compound from the drop down list box,its properties will then be shown.(type in directly in the compound to search for a coumpound,matching items will be displayed in list.) Heat Temp.,VP. Temperature :- Temperature values used too calculate the heat capacity, Vapor pressure and viscosity of the compound. These two temperatures may be adjusted accordingly.Calculations occur on userentry/change of the temperature values, the calculated values heat capacity, Vapor pressure and viscosity are updated. Note the temperature limits for each chemical for the use in vapor pressure calculations.

Vapor pressures are determined by using the Antoine Equation :- Ln(VP) = A - B/(T + C). The vapor pressure equation is only important to specified temperature range of each compound.

Heat capacities are determined by the heat capacity equation :- Cp = A + BT + CT^2 + DT^3

LOG(viscosity) = A*[(1/T) - (1/B)]

A,B,C,D are constants for each equation. T is temperature in deg. K.

Units :

Critical pressure, Bar

Critical Volume, m^3/mol

Critical Temperature, deg K

Critical pressure, Bar

Normal freezing point, deg C

Normal Boiling point, deg C

Liquid Density, kg/m^3

Heat of vaporization at normal boiling point, J/mol

Standard enthalpy of formation, at 298 K, KJ/mol

Standard Gibbs energy of formation at 298 K, KJ/mol

Heat capacity J/mol K

Vapor pressure, mmHg

Viscosity, mNs/m^2