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PayTime an app to cheer you up when your working! Calculates your hour pay per minute and displays your pay. Knowing what you make improves your day.While you are watching your pay increase listen to an online radio station or play your music files or generate your winning lotto numbers or play one of the many flipper games i.e. Coin.... all in the one app while you watch your pay increase! Makes working a breeze. PayTime enables to set hourly pay rates (normal and overtime), dates to start calculating your pay, set hour time frames for each pay limit. Dates will be automatically adjusted for each day. Displays are set on screen and also screen notifications are set per refresh rate setting. Over 200 worldwide radio stations included, a random number generator to create those winning lotto numbers and a flipper game to decide who's shout it is, pays for dinner, who wins the game etc. The radio, random numbers are slimmed down versions of the full Android apps onLine Radio and Random Number Generator.

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