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Shows Chemical/Physical Properties OVER 2000 Chemical/Inorganic/Organic compounds.

Menu details :

Chemical Data > Chemical Organic Properties :

Chemical Data > Chemical Inorganic Properties :


Method of Operation :

Mouse Click on the “Properties of Elements and InOrganic Compounds : ”, drop down list box , (click where the down pointed arrow is). The List Box will drop down revealing all compound names. Scroll down, using the side scroll bar, the box until the required compound is found, then click on its name. Its properties will then be displayed.

Chemical compounds information can also be retrieved by typing in a compound and pressing the Return Key (Enter Key) on the Keyboard. If information is found about the compound it will be displayed or a message will be displayed to indicate no information could be found about the compound.

Notes :-

Specific Gravity :- The values given are at room temperature, unless expressed interms of the following :

(2.70 (20)) which refers to a specific gravity of 2.7 at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

(2.7 (18/4)) which refers to a specific gravity of 2.7 at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius referred to water at 4 degrees Celsius .

For Gases the specific gravity are given with reference to Air (A) = 1 or Hydrogen (D) = 1

Melting Point are all in Degrees Celsius. If the they are expressed interms of :

56 decomposes ~ refers to a melting point with a decomposition at 56 Degrees C

Decomposes 56 ~ refers to a decomposition at 56 Degrees C

(-2H2O, 56) ~ Refers to a loss of 2 moles of water per formula of the compound at a temperature of 56 Degrees C.

Boiling Point : Are expressed at atmospheric pressure. However, exceptions are :

(56 (15 mm)) ~ refers to a boiling point of 56 Degrees C when the pressure is 15mm

Solubility : is expressed in parts by weight per 100 parts by weight of the solvent.

(56 (18)) ~ refers to 56 weight solubility in 100 g of the solvent at 18 Degrees C.

(56 (18 cc)) ~ refers to 56 cc of the gas are soluble in 100 g of the solvent at 18 Degrees C.