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Areas/Volumes Calculations:

Areas/volumes screen shots

A number of named shapes are displayed in the menu list. Depending on the chosen shape, the area, volume, surface area can be calculated.

Method of Operation :

Select the appropriate shape from the selection list.

Enter numerical values for the variables related to the selected shape.

Click the calculate button and the solution will be displayed.

NOTE : In various shapes i.e. Pentagon, the radius of circumscribed and inscribed circles can also be calculated. The radius is calculated from the shapes measurements and is displayed with the area of the shape.

Rectangle - b represents width length, l represents breath length

Parallelogram - b represents length, h: height.

Cylinder - r ; radius

Circle : r : radius

Sector – Angle , measured angle in Radians, r , Radius

Trapezium - a, b : lengths , H : height

Cone - r : radius, h : height

Sphere - r: radius

Cuboid - a, b ,c side lengths of cube.

Pyramid – a, b : base lengths.

Parabola -b : length, h : height.

Tri. Prism - b : base of triangle, a : height of triangle, h : length of base.

Rhombus - a, h : diagonal lengths.

d,d1 represents diameter measures.

h1,h2 represents height measures.

Units for AREA are always “squared” i.e. m^2, Volume are always “cubed” i.e. m^3