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Menu details :

Numbers can be converted to their SI equivalent values and from SI values to any other unit of measure


* Enter a number in the “Enter unit value to convert” input box i.e. the input box titled km^2 below.(value of 1 has been entered).

* Select the unit it is represented in. i.e. In the example below the km^2 option box has been selected, hence the value is 1km^2

* The SI equilivent value will be displayed in the Right hand input box. I.e. in the case below , the 1 km^2 value ha can converted to an SI unit m^2 value.

* By selecting the Reverse Checked box and by doing the exact opposite as above the SI value will be converted to any of the unit measures selected.

The REVERSE DIRECTION check box :- If checked , units are converted from their SI value to the unit selected.

In the example above the value 1 has been converted from it's km^2 unit to its SI unit measure of 1000000 m^2. The conversion factor used is also displayed.


mm - millimeter

km - kilometer

yd - yard

cm - centimeter

in - inch

ft - foot

m - metro

ha - hectare

kcal - kilocalorie

Btu - British thermal unit

Cal- calorie

MJ - mega joule (1,000,000 joules)

g - gram

mg - milligram

kg - kilogram

gal - gallon

KJ - kilojoule (1000 joules)

kWh - kilo watt hour

hp - horse power

lbf - pound force

W - watt

J - joule

h - hour

s - second

mN - milli newton

kgf - kilogram force

tonf - ton force

kN - kilo newton

N - newton

min - minute

psi - pounds per square inch

atm- atmosphere

dyn - dyne

l - liter

mmHg - millimeters of mercury

Plane\Time\Temp Units

Method of use :

* Enter a number in the “Enter unit value to convert” input

* Select the entered units measurement from the dropdown list box.

*Select a unit to convert to from the displayed options.

*The result will be displayed.

In the case below 1 year is convert to 1 year.