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This program solves fractional problems, sequences and series , numerical analysis problems, Laplace-Transformations, Interest Calculations , geometry and Length problems.

Menu Location :- Equations > Maths General

Fractions :-

Sequences and Series :-

Menu Location :- Tools > Equations > Maths Series

Tn - term number.

r - ratio difference.

Sn - sum of terms.

a - start term.

d - difference in terms.

n - number of terms


Menu Location :- Tools > Equations > Maths proportional lengths


Menu Location :- Tools > Equations > Maths interest calcs

F - Future cash amount

P - Amount of initial cash

i - interest rate expressed in decimal form i.e. 0.06 represents 6% rate

n - Amount of years the money will be receiving the interest

Anti/Der. :-

Menu Location :- Tools > Equations > Maths derivatives

Laplace-Trans. :-

Menu Location :- Tools > Equations > Maths Laplace Trans

Geometry :-

Allows the calculation of various variables in geometric graphical relationships.

Note For Static’s & Triangles Help see their relevant sections in the Help Contents page.