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Calculates the sensible heat and total heat of a process. There can exist any multitude of feed and product streams and heat, phase changes to the system. The results are all displayed in a grid which can saved to a text file.

Heats are calculated by : flowrate x heat capacity x temperature change

Phase change : Heat evolved x flowrate

The total heat change for the feed streams, product streams and phase changes are calculated and displayed. The final heat is calculated by :

Final heat = sum of heat(products) – sum of heat(reactants) - sum of heats(phase changes)

Adjustments of these calculations can be made by entering data to effect the adjustments accordingly i.e. enter a 1 for temperature change if you do not wish to include the temperature change value.

Menu Location :-  Equations > Chemical Equations > Heat Balance

Method of use :

Enter the number of feed streams, product streams and phase changes in the system. Click the okay button to active the system. For Feed stream 1 enter the number of components in the stream, enter temperature of the stream, component name, component flowrate, heat capacity and temperature change of the stream. Click the Next Comp. Feed Stream button and enter the information for the next component in the feed stream. Once information for all the components of that stream has been entered, the program will allow information for the next stream or heat change to be entered.. Once information for all the streams and heat changes has been entered the calculated results are displayed in the Display grid.

Save button : Allows the contents of the grid to be saved to a file.

Next Comp. Feed stream :, button allows information to be entered for the next feed stream.

Next Comp. Product. stream , button: allows information to be entered for the next product stream.

Heat change : button allows information to be entered for the next Heat change.

Note: the current stream and component of the stream is displayed next to the Number of Components text box.