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Tab : Calculator

The operation of the CALCULATOR is as per a normal hand held Calculator. Using the MOUSE simply click on the numbered buttons and then any of the operation buttons. I.e. ‘x’,’+’ etc. In order of performing the required operation. Or use your Keyboard/KeyPad to enter the numerical data and required operations.

The menu on the calculator tab tab offers copy   , paste , Mode   and defined constants  that can be used.



mode :- changes from degrees to radian measure.

Hype :- uses hyperbolic functions.

Sqrt :- square roots a number. (number can not be negative)

x^y :- raises a number to a power of y.

C - Cancel, resets the calculator.

CE - Cancel Entry, clears the last data entry.

Sinx,Cosx,Tanx :- refer to sin, cosine, tan trig functions.

inv :- refers to inverse funtions of Sinx,Cosx,Tanx

The buttons labeled Light, f, Av, e..etc are all Constant Buttons. Their values and meanings are all displayed on the calculator once a button is pressed