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Units Convert a easy to use unit converter app. Suitable for engineering,science,maths .... fields for both professional and students. Features various predefined conversions(350+),for user created unit conversions to be entered in the app.Easy to use, just swipe left - right across to change screens. Select your Unit Group from the list, select the required conversion from the Types list. Once selected the conversion value will be displayed below. Below that is the calculated result from the Entered data (which defaults to 1). Below the calculated result is the Reverse Direction. i.e. the opposite conversion direction to the one selected.So 2 results are shown i.e. the result for 1 cm to m and the reverse result 1 m to cm would be displayed if 1 cm to m was selected. Calculations are preformed on a selected Unit conversion, on entering a number value in the unit to convert field or clicking the calculate button near bottom of screen. User defined units can be added in the user addata screen.Add a unit by entering the Group Text i.e. 1 apple to orange and enter its conversion value.Click the Save button to save the changes. Edit a existing user value by selecting the open file button. Delete a unit by clicking the delete button. The Settings screen enables the required number of figures after the decimal point to be displayed and to display the result in engineering form. Contains a Sci-Calculator, easyily add the unit conversions,constants in calculations.Units Instructions : 1. Select the Units group from the top listbox. 2. Select the required displayed unit conversion from the second listbox. 3. After selecting a unit conversion the result will be calculated. Use the number keypad to enter a numeric value to be converted. Results will be calculated on clicking a number or by clicking the Calculate button on the keypad. Use the backkey and clear options of the keypad to remove enteries. Use the x10^ key to raise the number by a factor of 10 i.e. 10000 enter 1x10^5 Note : use only integer values are the ^ i.e dont use decimal point values 2x10^1.3. The displayed reverse result is the unit conversion value calculated in the reverse direction. Click the viewer button to display common symbols used in the units display. Settings: 1. Select the number of decimal values after the decimal . to appear in the result.i.e 2 means 1.XX from listbox. 2. Check if it is required to express the result in engineering form(scientific form) i.e. 2e+4