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Tennis Stats Scorer allows a person to score a match by clicking on the players Winner or Error. The app maintains and updates the match score and also stores the match stats of each player in reference to the user selection of who and how the point is won. The App allows for singles, double, tie break, advantage sets. The app will automatically select the next server and receiver . The user can adjust these values at the begining of each new game. Allows for the addition of user defined players, Match comments can be created, export and emailing of match progress stats and comments. The match stats can be viewed once the match has completed in the stats viewer screen and also the inplay stats can be saved and emailed during play. The app allows for both singles, doubles play , tie break, advantage sets, will automatically set the adjust servers and receivers after games depending on who the last server/receiver was, sets, tie breakers( You can manually change the server and receiver by clicking the players serve button. This can not be done once a service game has started i.e. a point has been played.)

Use the control buttons to score the point (or error) for each point played. i.e. if the serving player serves an Ace click the the button with a ball with a star image for that serving player. If the serving player serves a fault click the button with the tennis ball and a red cross on it. If any player hits a winning forehand, click the button that has a green tick and racquet image on it for that player.Note the racquet directions indication if it's a forehand or back hand. If the players hits a forced error, click the image with a F and red cross on the racquet. For a unforced error click the image with a racquet and red corss on it for that player that created the error. It is the same with Volleys which are represented with a image of a tennis ball in the centre of the racquet. To change server click the image of the tennis ball next to the players name. The return server is represented with a image next to their name with a ball and racquet. (Non-serving or returning players only have a image with a racquet next to their names.) Servers can only be changed before the next of the game, match afetr the match has started. Operation :- 1. Select the type of game Singles or Doubles via the toolbar button. 2. Select the players via the player selection listboxes. 3. Via the settings screen, swipe to go to settings screen, select the game sets, whether each set is a tie break or Game Advantage set and whether the final set is Game Advantage. 4. Click the Start Button to start the match. 5. The App will default the server and receiver for each game, point and tie break etc. The server has the tennis ball next to their name. The receiver has the image with a racquet and a ball next to their name. (the non serving players have the same racquet picture next to their names.) The server and receiver can be change befor the start of each game by clicking the image next to their name. Note once a point has been won in any game the server, receiver can not be changed. 5. On each point select via the buttons under each player who has won or lost the point. i.e. if the player serving serves an ace click the image with a ball and star for that player serving. If a player misses a fore valley, click the button with an image of a racquet, a red cross on a ball on the racquet. Once a button is clicked the winner or error is shown at the bottom of the screen and the score is advanced in the centre of the screen. Sets, games ec are altered on every point as is the serve images, which inform you of the App selecion of the next server and receiver. 6. Keep on selecting the point winners, errors etc on each point, select the email button to type in any comments of the game and also to send the current match score and stats clicked to someone else. Once the email button is clicked a dialog screen will be displayed, enabling comments to be inclucded on the match. Once the ok button is clicked the current layer stats and score will be added to a file which can be sent to someone else or stored. 7. the At any stage the match can be cancelled b clicking the cancel button. If the match is abandoned or a payer defaults etc click the checked flag button, which displays a dialog screen enabling comments on the match and also the winner etc of the match. 8. The game score can be changed any stage can be altered by selecting the score button. Follow the dialog prompts. 9. use the undo button to undo the last change of score. Note : only completed matches can be viewed in the stats screen. Stats of any match in progress can be svaed etc by selecting the email button. 10. Once the the match sets have been reached to win the match the App will inform you. Once the match is completed the stats will be saved and can be viewed for each player via the stats screen. Swipe the screens to move to the next screen. Settings screen :- Use this screen to select the total match sets for the game from the match sets list box. Click the tie break every set option to play a tie break if the games are 6 all. If unclicked game advantage will be the default play mode. Click the game advatage final set check box to play advantage final set if the the tie break every set option has been click then every other set will be a played as a tie break. Add/Edit Players Screen :- Note : the default players can not be altered. Add new players by selecting the Add New Player selection on the top listbox. Enter in the required details of the player. Note the display name for each player must be unquie or the player will not be saved. Enter in the details for each player. A display name must be enetered as this will be displayed in the players listbox for a game. Any new entered club names will be saved once the player is saved and be displayed for any other existing or new player to be changed to or used. Clcik the Save button to save the player. Click the Active checkbox to allow the player to be visible for any any macth. Select the email button to send the player details to another person. Click the time/date button to create,send a appointment to the player. Select the date/time(vertically scoll/swipe the screen to view the time.) from the display dialog box. Click the ok button to save the appointment and the Calendar control will be displayed to create and send the entry to who you choose. Stats Screen :- Simply slect the player and their macthes , career stats wil be display in the listbox. Select the match results, stats to be displayed. Click the download button to save and send the match details/stats to another person etc. Note : Player stats are only visible on this screen for completed matches only. To view stats of matches while in play click the email button on the main screen to export the match in progress data. The settings screen allows for the selection of default match sets, if tie breakers for every set or games advantage for the final set. In the players screen user defined players can be added, along with their details i.e. club, country, right handed play, comments about each player etc Appoinments and details of each player can be created and sent to required people. List of players data/stats which can be stored during play and later displayed/reviewed :-Totals % Matches Won: (Matches won/Total matches) Number of Aces: (Number Aces/(Total number of serves both 1st)) Total 1st Serves: (Number of 1st serves/(Total number of serves)) Total Aces Against: (Number of times being Aced/(Total number of serves both 1st and 2nd)) Faults: (Number of faults served/(Total number of serves both 1st and 2nd)) Winners FH: (Winners FV) (Number of Winners ForeHand/(Total number of Winners, not including volleys)) Winners BackHand: (Winners BV) (Number of Winners BackHand/(Total number of Winners, not including volleys)) Winners ForeHand Volley: (Winners FV) (Number of Winners ForeHand Volleys/(Total number of volley winners)) Winners Backhand Volley: (Winners BV) (Number of Winners BackHand Volleys/(Total number of volley winners)) Errors ForeHand: (ErrorsFH) (Number of Errors ForeHand/(Total number of Errors)) Errors BackHand (ErrorsBH) (Number of Errors BackHand/(Total number of Errors)) Unforced ForeHand: (Uf FH) (Number of Unforced ForeHand/(Total number of unforced Errors)) Unforced BackHand: (Uf BH) (Number of Unforced BackHands/(Total number of unforced Errors)). The Interface is swipe driven. To more to a new screen swipe the screen right to left, left to right to go back. Note the free version has a nag message, players can not be added and only best of 3 sets can be played.