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Sudoku App offers a range of game levels, selectable square size puzzles (2x2,2x3,3x3), selectable numbers or letter games, standard controls for the game. Sudoku is a game where each row, column and each 3x3 square must contain numbers 1 to 9 or letters etc. Items can not be repeated in any row, column or 3x3 square. Each square is represented by a colour. The app also contains coins/cards/die flipper games and onLine radio with 250+ stations. To play the Sudoku game click the Play button,select the required squares,game level,numbers or letters. The game will be set with various items revealed according to the selected game levels. Click a number via the dial or keypad and then sleted the square to add the item.Controls are undo,trash,reveal game,tip(adds an item).The coin flipper game select the item to flip/rotate,click the go button.For online radio features click here