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Nutrition and Health App offers a easy and convenient way to view and use food (composition,nutrition fats, sat fats, energy, cholesterol etc etc) data/information from the USDA http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ and the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx. You can also add any food of your own to the system. The App can be used as a daily recording of the food that you eat and the information can be downloaded to a file or displayed directly on the app with the totals of the composiion of the food items displayed. This allows monitoring of your food intake, which can help you maintain a diet, record and analyse the information to determine any improvements/problems need addressing. The App can also be used to create your food receipe with the required food composition. The data can be exported to a CSV file and also shared directly via email etc.

To use the App simply selected the required Data File (USDA, AUS/NZ or User Defined). From the Group listbox select the required Food Group.(You can use the search textbox to search items from the displayed group. The items from the Selected food group will be displayed. Select the required item and the items composition will be displayed below. Click the Save button to add the item to the Filename. (The filename is defaulted to the current date and time, displayed in the button toolbar. You can change the filename via the Date and Time buttons.) Add all the required items to the same filename or different file by clicking the save button for each selected food group. Click the export button to export the selected food item to a csv file and/or share the file. Note :- the data values are per 100 grams of product. You can enter the weight size of the item you are using in grams. You can remove the last saved item via the cancel X button. To view and delete the saved file go to the History page and selected the filename from the display list . The information for the file will be displayed with relavent composition totals. You can add your own food via the Add Data page. Simply select the food group and then enter the the required details and click the save button. The data can be retrieved, edited and exported as well via the toolbar buttons. Note that entered data must be measured per 100 grams of product.The data is held offline, so you will always have access to the data. The web_links offers a basic web browser with predefined links and direct web search facility.

From the History page, select a save file from the list. The file data will be displayed with totals and items. Indiviual items can be deleted, the entire file can also be deleted or exported to a csv file. The AddData screen enables user data to be added to the system and selcted from the front screen by selecting the User Data File. To add a product select the group and enter the details of the product, click the save button. To edit a product click the file open button, select the product, edit the displayed data and click the save button. Data can be exported to a csv file.