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Chemical Data app provides information on over 4000 checmical compounds from various chemical groups. The information can be saved as a file(txt) and also shared i.e. via email etc. The App is simply laid out for easy use/access to the information by dropdown list. Instructions : Select from the Data Group listbox the group to find data from. Once selected the available items will be listed in the items listbox. Select the item required and the items information will be displayed below in a scrollable list. Use the search box to search for items within that group. The search is based on the items name. i.e. type a letter, click the search button and any items name within that group containing that letter will be displayed in the items box. Click the export button to export, share the displayed information. View the help online for further information. All data is maintained offline, no internet connection required. All Data is AS is and no garanteed or warranties for the correctness of the data is implied. Application Permissions : Read/write to SD Card. Further info about the contained data can be found here. Help The main Chemical Groups are :- (Only certain group type information has been listed below.)  Thermodynamic Data(226) (Info types : Compound Name,Gibbs Free Energy(KJ / mol), Heat Capacity(J/molk) Solids Data (101) (Info types : Solid Name,Density (kg/m^3),Melting Point °C,Boiling Point °C,Thermal Conductivity (W/mK),Specific Heat Capacity(KJ/KgK)  Physical Data (481) (Info types : Compound Name,Molecular Weight,Normal Freezing Point(°C),Normal Boiling Point(°C),Critical Temperature(K),Critical Pressure(bar), Critica lVolume(m^3/Mol),Liquid Density(kg/m^3),Reference Temperature for Liquid Density(°C),Heat of vaporisationat normal boiling point(J/Mol), Std Enthaly of formation @298K(kJ/mol),Std Gibbs energy of formation @298K(kJ/mol) Organic Data (1314) (Info types : Molecular Weight,Form and Colour,Compound Specific Gravity,Compound Melting Point(°C),Compound Boiling Point(°C),Compound Solubility 100 parts cold water,Compound Solubility 100 parts Ether Acid and Base Dissociation Constants (42) Acid and Base Dissociation Constants in Water (21) Acid Base Indicators (12)  Liquids Data (22) Anion_Contributions_Entropies (23)  Cation Contributions (57) General Chemical Data (917) Gas Data (24) Gas Name,Density(kg/m^3),Melting Point °C,Boiling Point °C,Thermal Conductivity (W/mK),Specific Heat Capacity (KJ/KgK),Specific Heat Cv (KJ/kgK) Steam Tables Pressure  Periodic Table (118) (Info types : Element Name,Atomic Symbol,Atomic No.,Year Discovered,Atomic Mass,Melting Point, °C,Boiling Point, °C,State at Room Temp, Density g/ml,Electronegativity (Pauling),Electron Affinity (eV),Common Oxidation States,Ions Commonly Formed,Electron Configuration, Atomic Radius (Å),Ionic Radius (Å),Covalent Radius (Å),Atomic Volume (cm^3 mol),Crystal Structure,Electrical Conductivity (mho cm), Specific Heat (J/gK),Heat of Fusion (kJ/mol),Heat of Vaporization (kJ/mol),Thermal Conductivity (W/(mK)),mg/kg in Earths crust,Standard Electrode Potentials Acidic Standard Electrode Potentials Basic (28) Standard Heats Free Energies Formation (198)  Standard Heats Free Energies Formation Absolute Entropies (206) Thermodynamic Data1 (149)  Saturated Steam - Pressure Saturated Steam - Temperature SuperHeated Steam - Pressure - PSI Steam Table SuperHeated Steam Pressure - Bar Steam Table SI - Bar The app also has a Web Links page featuring web links and a basic web browser.